Ridley Windows & Doors offers the perfect solution for residential, commercial and historical projects.


  • These retro-fitted hung windows perfectly replicated the original design of the Shaw Street Public School. This is now the home of Toronto’s creative community also known as Artscape.
  • The Dana Hall features gorgeous hung windows that complete the aesthetic of this Georgian building. Notice the intricate detail of the custom transom over the double front doors. A classic design deserves a classic window to complete the look!
  • This building features the classic curved out - square in single hug window. The exterior casing is curved to follow the outside brickwork while the inside frame remains square. This is common in heritage settings.
  • The Dineen building at #2 Temperance Street features hung windows that are painted the same colour inside and out. They are a perfect choice to help return this beautiful building to its former glory.
    Professional Gallery Image
  • This Victorian home features single hung windows – another classic design brought to life by Ridley Windows & Doors.
  • These curved out – square in single hung windows have been expertly retro-fitted into an existing base structure. This allows for maximum light exposure while maintaining the historical design of this beautiful home.
    Heritage Background Image
  • Traditional hung windows feature a 4 x 3 SDL pattern in each sash. Pay close attention as each individual square is matched across all 3 floors for a visually pleasing aesthetic.