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Window - Casement

Casement windows contain an operating sash that opens at the side and seals tightly to the frame for maximum energy efficiency.


Awning Window

Awning windows open at the bottom for ventilation in your home.

Double Hungs

Double Hungs Window

Double Hung windows have two vertical slide operating sashes to allow for superior air-flow.

Single Hungs

Single Hungs Window

A Single Hung window consists of two sashes, the top one stationary and a bottom one that slides vertically to operate.


Sliders Window

Sliders are windows with two to three sashes that slide horizontally to operate.

Folding Windows

Folding Window

Folding windows offer large openings that can act as a passageway for entertaining indoors and out. At most eight sashes per side are possible.


Tilt-Turns Window

Tilt-turn windows are based on a European design. This design allows the window to tilt in at the top or swing in at the side for maximum ventilation.


Bay Window

Bay windows are combinations of either hung or casement windows. They capture natural light and create a scenic panorama in your home.


Radius Window

Keen on detail? Ridley provides radius windows in stand-alone full circles, half-circles, quarter-circles, elliptical, ovals and an array of custom shapes. All of our radius windows are made-to-order.


Geometric Window

Looking for that eye-catching focal point in your home? Consider a geometric window in custom shapes such as triangles, trapezoids, pentagons, hexagons, octagons and more. All of our geometric windows are made-to-order.

Direct Sets

Direct Set Window

Direct Set windows are ideal for maximizing daylight. The glass is set directly into the frame resulting in an uninterrupted view from your home.

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