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  • This stone farm-house features hung windows with a custom SDL bar design. Take note of the Gothic transom on the second floor window.
  • This cottage features beautiful French double-doors with a V-groove pattern cut into the lower panel. Notice the symmetry of the bar design on these factory painted wood windows.
    Residential Gallery Image
  • This custom stained wood door completes the look of this beautiful home. Notice the panel and SDL bar details.
    Residential Gallery Image
  • This cottage features a combination of casement windows and French doors with custom transom design.
    Residential Gallery Image
  • This summer home offers a clean, contemporary look within a traditional stone setting. Casements, awnings and direct sets are used to give maximum glass exposure.
    Residential Gallery Image
  • This home features casements and hung windows with custom bar SDL design for maximum curb appeal.
  • This home features factory painted wood windows with a 15-year warranty on the finish.
  • This traditional home features casement windows with a custom lead bar design. These windows replicate the original windows down to the finest detail.
  • Take note of the customized hung windows on the exterior of this home. Second floor features a 30/70 sash split while the first floor maintains the traditional 50/50 split.
  • A leaded bar pattern on the windows with a custom stained wood front door completes the look of this urban home.
  • Multiple sets of French doors create an entryway to this beautiful backyard pool oasis. Take note of the contemporary 1x3 SDL bar design on the second floor casement windows.
  • This home features two bay windows and three single hung windows with custom sash and SDL bar design. Notice the seamless filler piece cut to fit perfectly above the first floor windows.
  • These retro-fitted bay windows provide a clean look and optimal ventilation. They replicate an existing heritage design yet provide modern performance standards.
  • Two casement bow windows with custom lead SDL bar design provide the ultimate character to the stone facade of this home.
  • Take note of this fully custom single hung bay window combination on the second floor of this Victorian home. The top sash features a unique design providing a focal point for this home.
  • Traditional hung windows provide the optimum in performance and light exposure for this home.