Ridley Windows & Doors offers the perfect solution for residential, commercial and historical projects.


Our products are designed to push energy efficiency, performance and visual esthetic to a new level. We offer windows and doors that are built to a higher standard. We provide custom residential solutions for all of your needs.

Our design flexibility enables us to offer a variety of window and door products ranging from wood, to extruded aluminum, to fiberglass to vinyl. All of our products come with industry leading warranty.

Patented Pre-Finish Exterior Paint

Exclusive to Ridley Windows & Doors is the patented pre-finish exterior paint for all wood products. With over 260 colours to choose from and a 15-year warranty on both the wood and the paint finish, this exclusive product is the industry leader for all wood windows and doors.

Extruded Aluminum

Ridley Windows & Doors also offers a durable Extruded Aluminum product with a 30-year warranty against cracking, blistering or peeling on the exterior finish. The extruded aluminum is painted with a premium fluoropolymer finish and offers 32 standard colours with an additional 20 colours offered as custom options.

Superior Fiberglass

New to Ridley Windows & Doors is our superior fibreglass product line. An alternative to steel windows and doors, this product line is backed with a 15-year warranty on the finish and comes in over 260 colours. The array of colours and the ironclad warranty make this product the most attractive fiberglass model on the market.

Premium Vinyl

We also offer a premium vinyl product on the market. Vinyl windows and doors offer a clean contemporary look backed by a strong energy efficient frame. With 29 colours to choose from and a 20-year warranty on the finish, this is the top of the line for the vinyl market.

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