Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors feature two sliding glass panels that allow easy access onto a deck or patio. These doors are available in modern or traditional styles and are available in a variety of width options to fit any size opening.

Custom Options for Sliding Patio Doors

At Ridley Windows & Doors, our sliding patio doors offer you the ability to customize your door to meet your exact specifications. Select from a wide range of features below.


Casing is an essential element in door design, which can be important for matching existing architectural features in a home or commercial / institutional building.

At Ridley, we can provide interior and exterior casing options in a range of materials and styles, with the ability to customize casings to match existing architecture. Our products are available in wood, wood-clad, aluminium, fiberglass, and other materials.

Casing Styles

Choose from a variety of architectural styles for exterior door, such as brickmould casing, flat casing, beaded casing, prospect casing, and more.

Wood Species

Accentuate your design with common or exotic wood species, including oak, pine, fir, cedar, maple, walnut, cherry, mahogany, and more.


Choosing the right colour for interior and exterior finishes can be key for achieving a desired look for your home or matching a building’s existing style.

At Ridley, we can easily vary the finish on your door interiors and exteriors to cater to your specifications, or select a matching option to stay consistent throughout your home or building.

Colour Options

Make sure you have the right colour for your design. We offer a wide range of options for your interior or exterior finishes, with over 360 colours available from select manufacturers.

Wood Stains

Wood door can often benefit from interior staining to provide a specific look for your space. Various staining options are available for wood door products.


With a wide range of glass options available from our suppliers, your door can be customized to fit large or oversized openings based on your needs.

Energy efficient glass options are also available, and doors can be customized with divided lites to provide a signature look for your space.

Glass Options

We provide double-pane or triple-pane glass options for most door styles, as well as the ability to select insulated glass to provide superior energy efficiency for your home.

Divided Lites

Choose between simulated and true divided lites in your doors, including a range of popular grille patterns and profiles to suit your specific look.


Accessorize your doors to keep out the insects or to ensure the interior of your home is protected from the sun. Choose from a variety of options for screens and shades to go with your new door.


High-transparency, invisible, and retractable screens, with screen frames available in a range of colours and materials to match your existing design.


Pair your new doors with a set of shades in the colour and style of your choosing. Ensure you have privacy from neighbours, or keep out that morning sun for weekend lie-ins.


Maximize ease of use in your home or building with top quality hardware for your new door, including handles, locks, and hinges. Ensure that doors close snugly for better energy efficiency and total security in your space.

Handles & Locks

We offer a wide array of handles and locks in modern and traditional styles, with custom finishes to match the design of your door.


Get proper sill support for your door, including options for flush sills, weep sill, or recessed sills depending on the manufacturer. Keep out drafts and moisture, while maintaining your look.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team can help you determine the best fit for your home or business.

Our Sliding Patio Doors Brands

At Ridley, we are proud to partner with industry-leading manufacturers of sliding patio doors. Learn more about partners that supply sliding patio doors and find technical resources for their products below:

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