Heritage Windows for Commercial / Institutional Projects

Ridley Windows & Doors is a preferred partner for architectural firms specializing in heritage projects, such as ERA Architects. Our heritage wood windows are a Heritage Board-approved solution for window replacement in commercial or institutional buildings.

Our Heritage Project Team

At Ridely, our knowledgeable and experienced team offers superior products, longer warranties than other installers, and enhanced customization options.

Most importantly, we are able to replicate the exact details of your existing interior trim or exterior casing and brick moulds, in order to preserve the heritage aesthetic of your building.

Discover out how our heritage solutions will work in your commercial or institutional project today.

Our Heritage Window Solution

At Ridley, we offer premium, high-quality wood windows with a variety of customization options for commercial / institutional projects.

Each heritage window is treated prior to assembly, in order to provide improved warranty options for the long-term. During the installation process, we use a proprietary method to blend new windows seamlessly into the existing space without disturbing the heritage aesthetic.

Our windows are supported by the knowledge and experience of our team, who will ensure that your windows continue to perform for years to come.



Exact replication of interior trim or exterior casing details on buildings.



An extensive range of 300+ paint colours to match your decor.



Oversized or speciality-shaped glass to satisfy specific tender requests.



An industry-leading 15-year warranty on paint finishes for heritage work.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team can help you determine the best fit for your home or business.

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